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Pago Pago Divers

We are not offering recreational dive charters at this time, but are still available for marine projects.

We are a small operation that takes great pride in maximizing our few dive tourists or temporary worker’s local diving experience. We offer both boat and shore dives for any size group. No more than six divers will ever be in one group and generally it is only one to three divers plus the Divemaster.

Please contact Jeff Shively here to advise us of what you are interested in, when you will be here, where you are staying (we can help you there too), what certification you have, and what gear you might need. We hope to hear from you soon.

Guy Fitzpatrick BUZZERCO deserves all the credit for this web site. He can create a website for you too. Contact him here.

We are constantly in the process of improving the site and adding photos so check back often to see what's new on -island! Please report any problems you experience on this web site to Guy.We hope you enjoy our site. Thanks for visiting. .

Get wet, go diving!

Here's satellite image of the region that can be use to see what the cloud conditions are.

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